Cherry Wax Thumbnail

Cherry Wax

A highly concentrated carnauba-fortified spray wax that provides an optimum in the level of beading and shine. The fast beading action and sweet...

Conquest Thumbnail


A High alkaline pH detergent designed for frictionless or semi-frictionless car wash systems. It is to be used as the second presoak application in a...

Foamer Thumbnail


Foamer is an economical, multi-colored, high foaming shampoo. Designed for triple foaming systems, arches, pods, and self-serve foaming brush...

Gemini Pink Thumbnail

Gemini Pink

A concentrated, high-sudsing shampoo. This product was specifically formulated for foaming brush applications in self-serve car washes. Produces a...

Liquid Luster Thumbnail

Liquid Luster

This solvent based product is excellent at restoring the original luster to all automotive vinyl, rubber and plastic. Liquid luster produces a high...

Low pH Presoak Thumbnail

Low pH Presoak

Low pH presoak is a highly concentrated detergent designed specifically for frictionless and semi-frictionless car wash systems. This detergent is...

Maxi Bright Thumbnail

Maxi Bright

Maxi Bright is a highly concentrated, high foaming, low pH presoak. Formulated specifically for full service tunnels or in a brush automatic. The...

Mean Green Thumbnail

Mean Green

A high alkaline pH detergent designed for frictionless or semi-frictionless car wash systems. It is to be used in the second presoak application in a...

Mighty Bright Thumbnail

Mighty Bright

This water based cherry fragranced product is a ready to use dressing that restores and leaves a satin gloss, but no oily residue to collect dust....

One Shot Thumbnail

One Shot

One Shot is a highly concentrated clear-coat protectant. Designed to rapidly remove water from all vehicle surfaces. Produces a dryer car in much...

Powerseal Concentrate Thumbnail

Powerseal Concentrate

Powerseal is a cherry scented water based interior and exterior rubber/vinyl dressing. This product is easy to apply with a pleasant odor and a satin...

Premium Clear Thumbnail

Premium Clear

Premium clear is a high end high shine premium dressing. If you desire a shiny wet look on all of your automotive vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces...

Prestige Thumbnail


Prestige is a low-pressure presoak and winter season power-foam brush product. Because of its non-caustic formulation and its ability to remove road...

Prism Thumbnail


A super concentrated foaming spray wax. Prism produces bright colored foam with excellent beading ability. Prism is available in blue, gold, pink, or...

Reprella Thumbnail


Reprella is a technologically advanced formula of specialized polymers. It is formulated to adhere to a vehicle's finish, leaving a durable...

Triumph Thumbnail


Triumph is a concentrated liquid tire/engine cleaner designed for use in self-serve car washes and automated wheel cleaner. Produces bright green...